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Your One-stop Shipping &
Fulfillment Solution

We are a all in one logistics and storage provider worldwide. we help ecommerce Business scale by doing all the hard work, enabling them to focus on growing the business while we take care of the Fulfillment. We make it easy to ship for eCommerce with our full-service fulfillment solutions and our warehouse management software.

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Whether you’re taking the first step in building your business or taking bigger steps to scale it. We will help you grow faster.

How we fufill

Our 3 step process

Send us the inventory

The inventory is stored in our Health Canada approved highly regulated facility with access codes, cages and, cutting edge security systems.

Once order is received

We do an audit and check the order thoroughly to make sure its not damaged and the number of pieces match the packing slip.

Pick, pack and deliver

Once an order is placed, we pick the product, pack it to your desired instructions and ship it out using our network with the best rates in the industry.

From controlled substance storage and distribution to natural health products, clothing, and more.
No limit to what we can store: in our state of the art facility we can store and fulfill almost any product as we have all the necessary licenses and regulations in place.

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